MIRAJ Academy Sdn.Bhd. was incorporated in response to a growing demand in skills (vocational) training and retraining from school leavers, working adults and the corporate sector. We have remained client-focused, providing distinguished and value added trainings to our clients in Malaysia

MIRAJ Academy is founded upon excellence in training delivery. This "excellence oriented strategy" enables us to provide value added trainings unlike any other training providers. At MIRAJ Academy, we work closely with all stake holders (clients, regulatory bodies, and the public at large) to achieve our primary aim, which is to produce a highly skilled workforce that meets the nation's needs by 2020, through our

About Miriaj

PVC approach

P  ractical Oriented Training;
V  alue for Money; &
C  ustomers Service that Forcuses on Client's Needs.

Since our inception in 2009, we have produced hundreds of job ready graduates fulfilling the demand of Malaysian industry. We continue to improve and upgrade ourselves to become a significant provider of TVET in Klang Valley in particular and Malaysia in general.

Miraj is proud to be a member of JM Education Group, a customer centric student services organisation whose specialty is student counselling and recruitment for overseas study. Please visit www.jmeducationgroup.com for more information.