Electricians are trained to work in a variety of industries. They install and maintain electrical appliances or power systems in homes, offices and factories. Electricians can specialize for careers as industrial electricians, maintenance electricians, commercial electricians or general electricians.

As Malaysia had identified in the 3rd Industrial Master Plan and stated in the 10th Malaysian Plan, electrical & electronic sectors will be an important enabler for Malaysia to position itself at the international level. Employment growth in the electrical industry is significant and is always in demand.

Diploma level graduates are sought after for employment as electrician or Electrical Supervisor in many industries related to the energy sector, transportation sector, manufacturing sector and construction sector.

National (JPK) Code:EE-320-2:2012 / EE-320-3:2012 / EE-320-4:2012
Award Body:Department of Skills Development (DSD), Ministry of Human Resource.
Study Mode:Full Time, Part Time, Apprenticeship (National Dual Training System), PPT (Assessment of Prior Experience).
Financing:Government Soft Loan from PTPK (Perbadanan Tabung Pembangunan Kemahiran) for Malaysians and Self Financing for International Students.
Electrical Diploma

Course Structure

The DIPLOMA Electrical Course is the final award for a competency based training course that progresses from Level 2 to Level 4.

DIPLOMA Electrical - Pathway
Single Phase Electrician
Level 2
Three Phase Electrician
Level 3
Low Voltage Electrician
Level 4

3 & 1/2 years. Which includes:

Stage 1
Malaysian Skills Certificate (MSC) - Level 2 - Single Phase Electrician 12 months

Stage 2
Malaysian Skills Certificate (MSC) - Level 3 - Three Phase Electrician 12 months

Stage 3
Malaysian Skills DIPLOMA (MSD) - Level 4 - Diploma Electrical 18 months

The course is government accredited and has national recognition. The Accrediting body is the Department of Skills Development (DSD) under the Ministry of Human Resources of Malaysia. The award (Diploma and Certificate) is issued by the DSD and recognized by the Malaysia Public Service.

Entry Requirements:
16 to 45 years old and depending on the level you are enrolling into you must have the following:

For MSC - Level 2: 9 years schooling (PMR level)
For MSC - Level 3: Successfully completed MSC Level 2 in the same field.
For MSC - Level 4: Successfully completed MSC Level 3 in the same field.

Competency Units (Modules) :

Malaysian Skill Certificate (SKM) EE-320-2 : 2012
M01-EE-320-2:Single Phase Drawing
M02-EE-320-2:Single Phase Wiring
M03-EE-320-2:Single Phase Wiring Maintenance
M04-EE-320-2:Single Phase Motor & Motor Control Installation
M05-EE-320-2:Single Phase Electrical Appliances Maintenance
M06-EE-320-2:Single Phase Wiring Testing & Commissioning
Malaysian Skill Certificate (SKM) EE-320-3 : 2012
M01-EE-320-3:Three Phase Drawing
M02-EE-320-3:Three Phase Wiring
M03-EE-320-3:Three Phase Wiring Maintenance
M04-EE-320-3:Three Phase Motor & Motor Control Installation
M05-EE-320-3:Three Phase Electrical Appliances Maintenance
M06-EE-320-3:Three Phase Wiring Testing & Commissioning
M07-EE-320-3:Supervisory Function
M08-EE-320-3:Electrical Signage (Neon) Installation & Maintenance
Malaysian Skill Diploma (DKM) EE-320-4 : 2012
M01-EE-320-4:Low Voltage Switchboard Installation and Maintenance
M02-EE-320-4:Low Voltage Underground Cable System Installation and Maintenance
M03-EE-320-4:Low Voltage Overhead System Installation and Maintenance
M04-EE-320-4:Low Voltage Generator Installation and Maintenance
M05-EE-320-4:Low Voltage Protection Devices Installation and Maintenance
M06-EE-320-4:Soft Starter Installation and Maintenance
M07-EE-320-4:Low Voltage Transformer Installation and Maintenance
M08-EE-320-4:UPS and Battery Charger Installation and Maintenance
M09-EE-320-4:Electrical Project Implementation Supervision
M10-EE-320-4:Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Installation
M11-EE-320-4:DC Motor System Installation and Maintenance

How do I apply?

Fill up the online registration form and submit it online, then compile all required documents and payment and send it to us by post.



Upon receiving your documents we will issue you a reporting/confirmation letter with the reporting date clearly stated_ Upon receiving our reporting letter do your necessary preparations and report to MIRAJ Academy on the scheduled date. If you have any queries, please contact the Academy :
+60 (0)3 4270 7428 or e-mail to: register@miraj.edu.my

Skills + Attitude = Employment

Employment Prospects
Every single building requires electrical maintenance and installation. As such a competent electrician is one of the most sought after occupations due to its wide coverage of all industries and sectors. Employment prospect exists in all organizations that require electrical maintenance,

such as factories, hotels, government buildings. housing estates, construction projects, hospitals, stadiums, public infrastructure, schools... etc. Electricians with entrepreneurial spirit can also excel in business and small private contracting business.