Executive Secretaries work in comfortable office settings, under normal working hour. Executive Secretaries usually work with other professionals in corporate settings, legal firm or government institutions. They perform more challenging and complex administrative support tasks involving a thorough knowledge of the policies and procedures in their functional areas with a significant degree of independent decisions.

They are assigned significant responsibility for carrying out administrative and office secretarial duties, frequently of a complex, highly sensitive, and confidential nature. They may also lead a small number of staff and perform technical duties in support of assigned operations.

National (JPK) Code:FB-025-3
Award Body:Department of Skills Development (DSD), Ministry of Human Resource.
Study Mode:Full Time, Part Time, Apprenticeship (National Dual Training System), PPT (Assessment of Prior Experience).
Financing:Government Soft Loan from PTPK (Perbadanan Tabung Pembangunan Kemahiran) for Malaysians and Self Financing for International Students.
Executive Secretary

Course Structure

The Executive Secretary CERTIFICATE Course is a competency based training course with direct entry into Level 3.

MSC(3) Executive Secretary
SPM (Form 5)
GCE "O" Level
Executive Secretary
Level 3

1 year.

The course is government accredited and has national recognition. The Accrediting body is the Department of Skills Development (DSD) under the Ministry of Human Resources of Malaysia. The award (Diploma and Certificate) is issued by the DSD and recognized by the Malaysia Public Service.

Entry Requirements:
18 to 45 years old and SPM level (GCE "O" Level for international Students).

Competency Units (Modules) :

Malaysian Skill Certificate (SKM) - FB-025-3:2012
M01-FB-025-3:Hospitality Administration
M02-FB-025-3:Office Documentation
M03-FB-025-3:Filling Administration
MO4-FB-O25-3:Petty Cash Administration
M05-FB-025-3:Meeting & Even! Coordination
M06-FB-025-3:Travel Arrangement
M07-FB-025-3:Legal Work Administration (Elective)

How do I apply?

Fill up the online registration form and submit it online, then compile all required documents and payment and send it to us by post.



Upon receiving your documents we will issue you a reporting/confirmation letter with the reporting date clearly stated_ Upon receiving our reporting letter do your necessary preparations and report to MIRAJ Academy on the scheduled date. If you have any queries, please contact the Academy :
+60 (0)3 4270 7428 or e-mail to: register@miraj.edu.my

Skills + Attitude = Employment

Employment Prospects
Executive Secretaries are employed in a variety of organizations albeit private or goverment institutions. Almost 3 out of 5 Executive Secretaries are employed in institutions providing services, ranging from education, legal and health to corporate sectors.

Others work for institutions engaged in manufacturing, construction, wholesale and retail trade, transportation, communications, financial institutions and real estate establishment. Prospective employers may range from the Federal, State, and local government agencies.